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Marie Gray is an intuitive photo-realistic Contemporary Fine Artist. A native of Texas her detailed and vibrant paintings pay homage to her inspirations from the Southwest. Marie’s style derives from her exacting desire to portray the grace and beauty of her subjects.


Representational Equestrian Paintings, Personal Portraits, and Landscapes are composed with great diligence, bold sizing, and a spirited color selection. Marie is an artist of multi-media use and is not afraid to blend them together. Wet media such as oils, watercolors, acrylics, as well as pastels, charcoals, and graphite.


Marie was inspired as an artist and creator since her time as a student in junior high school, where she had her first real exposure to the art world and developed her fascination with portraiture and equestrian art. She pursued her degree through multiple universities, collecting a wealth of perspective from different educators, culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts through Midwestern State University with aher major focus in painting, and a minor in ceramics.


Currently, Marie is based in Waxahachie, TX, where she creates her paintings in her home studio. Marie has a strong drive to continually progress her artistic style through her own personal work and commission work. She also hosts art demonstrations and workshops to share with other artists of all levels the knowledge she has gained through her years of experience. Feel free to join Marie on a creative and colorful journey.

Marie Gray
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